Web3 And The Ugly Truth About People

In my many, many pieces attacking the philosophical and literal framework of the cryptocurrency industry, I keep running into people that insist that “Web3 is the future.” Web3 as a term can mean a great many things, but I boil it down to the web as we know it, but decentralized and “democratic” in the sense that the user somehow owns part of, and has the ability to influence the future of the network itself.

This is theoretically a nice idea before you think about how it’d work — users are rewarded for sticking around on a platform, for investing their time, for…



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Ed Zitron

CEO @EZPR . British. 2x author, writer @thisisinsider , @TheAtlantic — Top 50 @bitech tech PR 4x — http://ez.substack.com — The BBQ Joker